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BNbitcoin is NOT bitcoin

By accessing https://bnbitcoin.org (“the Website”) you accept the terms of use as set out herein.
BNbitcoin is a smart contract, deployed under the MIT license at address 0xE7Cb24F449973D5B3520E5b93D88B405903c75Fb on the Binance Smart Chain (hereinafter referred to as the "BSC") network.
The Website has the sole scope of providing general information about BNbitcoin from publicly available sources on the internet network, for purely informational purposes only.
The Website and its owners, contributors to, host of, maintainers, operators, and entities that they eventually represent ("the Website and related resources") do not provide any legal, business, financial, fiscal, economical advice, or advice of any kind.
By accessing to the Website you act at your own risk relatively to the contents of the Website, and you warrant the Website and related resources that you are compliant with laws and rules in your jurisdiction accessing the Website without any limitation of any kind.
By accessing the Website you also warrant the Website and related resources that you do not use the Website and/or its contents in ways that infringe laws or others' rights, including the aforementioned resources, persons and/or entities.
By accessing the Website you also warrant the Website and related resources that you take your decisions to act or not act completely under your responsibility, and under your responsibility are any consequences from your actions or inactions. If you are not sure of what you are going to do, before acting or inacting you should ask for support contacting a licensed attorney, tax advisor or specialized advisor in the relevant jurisdictions.
The Website and related resources are not responsible for the actions, decisions, or other behavior taken or not taken by you in reliance upon the Website and they have no role of ownership, contribution or endorsement to such actions, decisions or other behaviors.
The Website does not ask for, buy, sell, store, send or receive BNbitcoin tokens and/or any other tokens or cryptocurrencies.
The official Website language is English and no translations are provided by the Website. The Website is not responsible of translations made by third-parties nor their consequences.
The Website and related resources are not, and will be not responsible of the following non-exhaustive list of events:
- BNbitcoin smart contract behavior;
- Errors or mistakes made by you on any BNbitcoin related and/or interacting software, forgotten, accidentally deleted or lost passwords, accounts, private keys, seed phrases and access credentials to systems related to/interacting with BNbitcoin.
- Wrong destination transfer addresses or wrong response for all the available functions of the smart contract;
- Failed/incorrect transactions for all the available functions of the smart contract;
- BNbitcoin underlying network (BSC) related malfunctions, unavailabilities or disservices, as well as BSC service variations and/or policy updates of BSC.
- Website's software issues and/or any software or service interacting with / related to BNbitcoin, including (but not limited to) corrupted wallets, malware affecting the Website and/or any software or service interacting with / related to BNbitcoin.
- Technical malfunctions/failures in the hardware of the user of any software or service interacting with / related to BNbitcoin, including (but not limited to) damage, failure or breakage of mining hardware, data loss as a consequence of faulty, damaged or broken storage device, etc.;
- Violated or unauthorized access and more in general security, cybersecurity and safety problems to accounts, wallets, software or services related to BNbitcoin;
- Third-parties' actions or inactions and/or events experienced or performed by third parties (it includes for example, but not limited to, service providers: fraudulent conduct, temporary or permanent shutdown, bankruptcy, information security hacks/leaks, ...).

The Website does not provide warranties of any kind about all the data, information, materials, contents, links to external websites and services available on the Website regarding quality, adequacy, accuracy, correctness, completeness, compliance with local laws, title and ownership.
In no event, unless otherwise required by law, the Website and related resources shall be liable for any damages of any kind you may incur, including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits (direct and/or indirect), or loss of data arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Website and the information thereon.

You, as user of the Website, agree that any dispute stemming from or connected with the Website or these Terms of Use, independently from the jurisdiction applicable thereto, will be in sole and exclusive competence of a Court in a jurisdiction choosen by the Website owners.

These terms of use were amended for the last time on April, 19th, 2021 and may be altered at any time without prior notice.


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